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Pictures: Bale scores 'incredible' Real winner Gareth Bale last night ran half the length of the pitch to win Spain's biggest cup competition for Real Madrid. Check out our gallery of the brilliant goal.

VIDEO: How to get a car up a skycraper A car had to be cut into six pieces so it could go on display at the top of the Empire State Building.

Saturn gives birth to 'new moon' Scientists believe they have discovered what could be the birth of a new moon in the rings of Saturn.

VIDEO: The Cumbria doggy car vandal Police in Cumbria have solved the case of a mysterious car vandal.

Watch: The mystery of new Banksy artwork A new artwork made by Banksy has caused a stir after being found on a wall in Bristol.

Books targeting boys and girls separately 'wrong' The Children's Laureate, Malorie Blackman, says books that target boys and girls separately are wrong because they exclude half the population.

Man City suffer Premier League blow Manchester City's hopes of winning the Premier League took a serious blow, after drawing 2-2 with Sunderland on Wednesday.

Chicken and beef found in some lamb takeaways Food regulators are launching a crackdown after finding some takeaways were selling lamb dishes that actually contained beef and chicken.

Pictures: The Royal tour so far As the Royals tour New Zealand & Australia - take a look at their time in pictures!

VIDEO: NR viewers mentioned in parliament The Speaker of the House of Commons mentioned Newsround viewers in today's Prime Minister's Questions.

VIDEO: Ayshah in the House of Commons Ayshah and two Newsround viewers visit the House of Commons to find out what happens during Prime Ministers Questions.

'Room for improvement' at PMQs The Speaker of the House of Commons tells Newsround there's "room for improvement" in the way Prime Minister's Questions are done.

Guide: Who is the House of Commons Speaker? Read Newsround's guide to the Speaker of the House of Commons - about their role, how they're chosen and the history of the job.

Pictures: A brief history of beards Scientists think that because beards are popular they make someone less attractive. Beards have been in and out of fashion for centuries...

Big website suffers from 'Heartbleed' A major UK website has had data stolen by hackers taking advantage of the 'Heartbleed' bug. But what is it and why is it a big deal?

Big bird on the loose in Hertfordshire The people of Hertfordshire are on the look-out for a rhea - a big ostrich-like bird - that's gone on the run.

Comments: What's not cool anymore? Scientists studying a group of people found most of them didn't think a 'trendy' beard is cool anymore. So what did you think was cool - but don't anymore?

Pictures: The girl who hunts with an eagle Meet 13-year-old Ashol-Pan - she lives in Mongolia and unlike girls her age, she's become a pro at hunting with her golden eagle. Check out the gallery to read her story...

Birds can learn to choose best building materials Birds can learn to choose the best building materials for their nests, say scientists.

VIDEO: Tom Daley wants more kids to try diving Olympic bronze medallist Tom Daley is starting a new scheme to try and get more kids around the UK to give diving a go.

Watch: The Vamps answer YOUR questions The Vamps entered the charts at number two yesterday with the their new single Last Night - we caught up with them to ask your questions.

VIDEO: Top 3 gadgets from the big gadget show Looking at the top 3 gadgets from the big gadget show in Birmingham NEC

VIDEO: Girls' mag to feature new female faces Leah chats to Girl Talk mag editor Bea Appleby about their plans to feature a variety of female role models on the front cover

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Guide: Who is Banksy? New artwork thought to be by Banksy has appeared in Bristol and Cheltenham recently. But who is Banksy and why is he such a mystery?

Guide: What's happening in Ukraine? Read Newsround's guide to the crisis going on in Ukraine in eastern Europe.

Guide: How deep missing plane could be Teams searching for the missing plane MH370 are to use a special robotic submarine to search areas of the bottom of the Southern Indian Ocean - because it's so far down.

Quiz: Quiz of the week How much can you remember about last weeks biggest news stories? Find out with Newsround's quiz of the week!

Watch: The week's weirdest news stories Newsround takes a look at the top three weirdest news stories of the week!

VIDEO: Children of Kabul Special Watch our Special on what life is like for kids in Kabul and their hopes for the future of Afghanistan.

VIDEO: Frontline Families Special Watch the latest of two Newsround special programmes in which we look at the impact war can have on military families.